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Truffles in Villa Annette

Taste most creative dishes based on fruits of autumn!

Do not forget that in October starts the season of white truffle which we get from nearby Čepić field and November is a month of young olive oil. Do not miss the opportunity to taste creative dishes based on fruits of the autumn. The interesting thing about Čepić field is that back in 1930 it was a lake. The lake was drained by the command of the local authorities under Mussolini government.

The idea was to turn the lake into the fields and grow wheat, corn vegetables etc… The lake was drained 1932 when the water flew through a canal particularly built for this drainage, the water flew to the nearby Plomin bay. To avoid the damage from a strong wind blowing from Plomin bay, they planted the poplars which are growing fast and stop the wind. Today the habitat of truffles is in the roots of the poplars.

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